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Category: Injectable Steroids
Package: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)
Substance: Testosterone cypionate
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma

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What side effects are possible with this medication?
The amount of medicine you need depends on the severity of the condition that is being treated. It also depends on how frequently you’re receiving an injection.
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Safety and efficacy of Testosterone Cypionate in men with “age-related hypogonadism” (also referred to as “late-onset hypogonadism”) have not been established.

Depo-Testosterone is an injectable hormone (androgen) replacement used to treat men diagnosed with low testosterone (Low T), and Pfizer’s unit Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. currently markets the medication.
Sleep disorders: Treatment with testosterone may cause sleep apnea (interruption of breathing during sleep) and high blood pressure for some people, especially those with risk factors such as being overweight or having a chronic lung disease.
Cypionate Side Effects (Androgenic or male producing) . Testosterone is the male sex androgen responsible for male sexual characteristics and the androgenic side effects include oily skin, acne, hair growth, aggression.

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Alpha Pharma


10 ampoules (250mg/ml)


Testosterone cypionate